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Developed at Lobbe, the “Remote Lance Worker” – remotely controlled by an operator – performs cleaning tasks with high-pressure water. In many areas, the “Remote Lance Worker” can replace manual activities (“handgun work”). This contributes significantly to safety and allows for hazard-free work. The robot has already successfully passed its baptism by fire in the chemical industry, and was awarded the US Safety Award of the WJTA (Water Jet Technology Association) last year in September.


Mai / 2015

New website

The website of Lobbe was getting on in years. A new website has now gone online. A more spacious layout, easier to use, more logical in structure, more pictures, less text, yet with all the relevant information about Lobbe. Using “responsive web design” the contents of the site will automatically adapt to the screen size. This applies to regular PC monitors, but also to laptops, tablets, and especially to smartphones.

The concept for the new Lobbe web presence was provided by the Dortmund agency KW18. It specializes in holistic communication design and search engine optimization, and belongs to the Höhne Media Group, also based in Dortmund. Subscribe to the Lobbe Top Topics here!

Iserlohn. Accompanied by a multi-day introductory program with workshops and site visits, 32 young professionals started their careers at Lobbe. They were warmly welcomed by the owner family Edelhoff and its leadership team.

Members of the new first-year class will train in the professions of automotive mechatronics, industrial mechanics, professional drivers, specialists for pipe, sewer and industrial services, systems integration specialists, application development specialists, industrial clerk, and commercial officer for office management or information systems. This year, trainees include a student at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, who will be completing a one-year trainee program. Including the newcomers, 97 young people are currently under training contracts with the Lobbe group.

During a lunch for the trainees at Lobbe Holding, managing partner Gustav Edelhoff in his welcome speech emphasized the high value that the company for many years has placed on the area of training. “We are pleased that Lobbe is being perceived as an attractive employer, and that we were once again able to fill all training positions this year. This confirms our long-standing commitment to the young people in our region. However, a solid education is not only the key to a successful future for them personally, but for our company as well. So that we can continue in the future to provide our services at a high level of quality, we need well-trained professionals in many different professions. As far as possible, we are counting on people from our own ranks. ”

Following the introductory program, the trainees at the Lobbe locations in Arnsberg, Brilon, Duisburg, Hagen, Iserlohn, Kelsterbach, Marienheide, Spremberg and Teutschenthal will all be hearing: “Welcome to the team!”.

The video shows it as well: Just a tap on the remote control button. Controlled by computer, the propulsion unit with two flexible lances drives to within a few millimetres in front of the next heat exchanger tubes. This is done quickly, with tremendous precision and optimum safety for the operator. With a whirring noise, the nozzle-equipped flex lances are inserted into the pipes. These will now be cleaned with water pressurized at about 2,500 bar. In the next few hours, this programmed process is repeated about 1,500 times. In the end, the 3,000 pipes of the industrial heat exchanger will have been cleaned without interruption. The developers are satisfied. “This is a quantum leap for industrial service.” Manual work: Zero.

It took about a year for the “Robotized Lance Frame” (RLF) to reach practical maturity. Lobbe Industrial Services is providing a technical solution for the fully automated cleaning of heat exchangers (upright or horizontal; with or without crown) – a first on the European market. The process is faster and safer than conventional methods, while still ensuring a higher quality of the cleaning result. Lobbe had already created a stir among insiders at IFAT 2014 with a brief video describing the functionality. In the meantime, deployments of RLF in the industry have been completed successfully.

The advantages of the new automated process at a glance:

  • Optimal working safety (“Target Zero”)
  • Visual contact during cleaning not absolutely necessary
  • Precise computer controlled processes
  • Freely configurable and reproducible process
  • Increased reliability
  • Any influence due to physical impairments of the operator is excluded
    Time saving

Until now, the cleaning of heat exchangers is carried out either manually or by means of semi-automatic machines, and before any cleaning step, the positioning of the propulsion unit requires visual contact. These processes in their entirety will now be precisely controlled by computer, according to previously defined parameters. A clear line of sight to the heat exchanger and the cleaning unit is no longer an absolute requirement. This opens up whole new possibilities of working without interruption in areas with extreme environmental conditions (narrow, aerosols, cold, heat, rain, etc.). Moreover, since the operator is outside of the danger zone at all times, and no longer performs physical work in the traditional sense, optimal working safety is ensured. However, in principle the operator remains in control of the process, as the respective next step in cleaning must always be triggered using a remote control (radio control or wired).

With the development of the RLF Lobbe continues what was begun with the Remote Lance Worker (RLW): the automation of operations involving a significant hazard potential.

In cooperation with municipal and private organizations as well as waste-management companies in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lobbe has founded the association “Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft* e.V” (*climate protection through environmental service). The inaugural meeting took place in the “House of the Town Cleaners” (SASE), and Ernst-Peter Rahlenbeck (Chairman of North Rhine Westphalia’s Regional Association for BDE (Federal Association of German Waste Disposal Industry)), was elected as Chairman of the Association. Lobbe is represented by Bernhard Camminadi.

According to the statutes, the purpose of the Association is the development, promotion, initiation and implementation of measures to improve climate protection in the context of the general activities of the environmental service. In particular, the aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • the promotion of environmental protection,
  • the promotion and support of the Climate Expo in North Rhine-Westphalia (KlimaExpo.NRW), and the regional measures and projects,
  • the information of all members regarding the activities on climate change through environmental service, first and foremost in the context of KlimaExpo.NRW and
  • the presentation of the positive effects of environmental service on the reduction or avoidance of greenhouse gases

North Rhine-Westphalia was the first federal state to pass a climate bill, and has set itself binding climate protection goals with its state-wide climate protection plan. In addition, with the “KlimaExpo.NRW 2022”, the state government has launched a major initiative for climate protection. Politics, business and civil society are being called upon to make a common commitment to address the challenges of the energy turnaround, climate protection targets, and necessary adaptation to climate change. Over a period of 8 years, outstanding climate protection projects will be presented and new initiatives will be introduced to a wide audience. The KlimaExpo intends to demonstrate the technological and economic potential of the state, and to strengthen the location North Rhine-Westphalia. To that end, it will provide a high-profile, awareness-raising platform until 2022. It intends to be a “showcase” and a “laboratory of ideas”, and to also show an international audience what is possible in the area of climate protection. As an industrial state, NRW is particularly suited to pioneer the innovative combination of industrial change and climate protection, and the sustainable development of economy and society.

As the first industry in North Rhine-Westphalia, the waste and recycling industry will take the opportunity to present itself in the context of the KlimaExpo.NRW, and to show it what it has done for climate protection so far, as well as what it can and will do in future. A central initiative for the entire industry aims to consolidate this commitment, and to introduce and continue to develop it within the high-profile context of KlimaExpo.NRW.

The Association „Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft e.V.“ was initiated and supported by

  • the Association of Substance-Specific Waste Treatment Association (ASA),
  • the Federal Association of German Waste Management Industry (BDE),
  • the Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal Association e.V.(BVSE)
  • the Community Of Thermal Waste Treatment Plants Germany (ITAD)
  • the Community of NRW Landfill Operators (InwesD) and
  • the Association of Local Utilities NRW e.V. (VKU).

Supporters and founding members also include industry companies such as Breer Visual Communication, the Bwaste International GmbH, the CC Group of companies, INFA – Institute for Waste, Waste Water and Infrastructure Management GmbH, Lobbe Holding GmbH & Co KG, the Prognos AG, the Remondis SE & Co. KG, the RSP Riemann, Sonnenschein & Partner GmbH, or the SASE gGmbH – Society For The Promotion And Collection Of Urban Cleaning And Waste Management.

At the centre of the initiative will be the activities of the industry, and especially the environmental service companies – 1,300 companies with about 35,000 employees – which play an important part in NRW. Under the common umbrella of “Climate Protection through Environmental Service”, their climate-related innovations and technologies, services and projects can be presented with a high recognition value and in a new context. With the KlimaExpo.NRW, the companies will also be provided with a platform that makes the technological developments and achievements in climate protection visible, thus reaching a broad national and international audience.

The Association “Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft e.V.” is designed to enable and promote the exchange between companies, associations and other stakeholders in the waste and recycling industry that are actively committed to climate protection and want to work for a common, continuing development of the economic potentials in NRW. The Association’s administrative office at the SASE (Society For The Promotion And Collection Of Urban Cleaning And Waste Management) in Iserlohn will commence operations in January 2015. Until January, the provisional administrative office will remain located at the Prognos AG in Dusseldorf. The head of the office, Mrs. Ragna Schnurer, can be reached at +49 (0) 211 9131 6145, or by e-mail to

The administrative office will coordinate and organize the various activities of the industry initiative. The association “Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft e.V.” is open to organizations, interest groups and state institutions, enterprises of circular economy, cities, municipalities and counties, government agencies and universities, and individuals.
Together, all players of the environmental service economy – from businesses and academic institutions to associations, cities and municipalities – can demonstrate that they stand by their responsibilities in an economically strong region such as NRW, and show how they apply their expertise to solve global problems, while simultaneously taking advantage of consistent climate protection as an opportunity for economic development: “Climate protection as an engine for progress”, is the stated goal of the of North Rhine-Westphalian government.

It all started with a workshop. And at the end of the event, the ten participants from the group of Lobbe trainees were in agreement: “We want training videos that are authentic, realistic reflections of what happened during the training.” For several days now, two sample films have been on the web, each about seven minutes in length. Moving pictures. Worth watching, with a lot of interesting and insightful information for you. Moving pictures showing that Lobbe offers young people jobs with prospects.

The films show what the trainees have suggested, and each trainee tells his story. No “reporter” with a microphone, no unknown offstage narrator, no rapper performing verbal acrobatics. The first part presents the automotive mechatronics specialist and the professional driver, Soulemaine Allal and Steven Gorill are the main characters. Neither one of them has ever stood in front of a camera. But in their videos, they are professionals from the first to the last second. Cool, but also likeable, they both offer a glimpse into their private lives. But let us not forget the third member of the team, Kai Schlabach. He is training as a specialist for industrial services, and his video is already on the cutting table. Coming soon.