Sewer milling robots and sewer rehabilitation robots

For us, sewer rehabilitation is not just a craft, but also high-tech. Robot technology in particular offers a wide range of possibilities and great flexibility in sewer rehabilitation - also and especially in sewer sections that are difficult to access. Our hydraulically driven milling robots are used in main sewers from DN 250 to DN 800 and up to a nominal diameter of DN 1000. In addition, the robots offer an entry depth of up to 500mm from the main sewer into the connecting pipe.

The milling robot is mainly used to remove obstacles in the sewer. In the course of a successful pipe lining rehabilitation, the robot is indispensable when it comes to reopening the connection pieces with centimetre precision. In this way, our state-of-the-art robotic systems ensure a fast and smooth installation of our liners in your sewers. But the systems are also a multifunctional tool that can be equipped with tools for grouting, grinding or sealing. This means that our modern robotic systems offer the only rehabilitation option in sewers that cannot be walked on.

You can expect these remediation procedures with our robotics:

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