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Our biomasses

Improve. Beautify. Burn.

Biomass in
Home and garden

Quantitative and qualitative improvement of soil quality, beautification and improvement of beds and paths in public parks and private gardens, biologically sound weed suppression, more safety on playgrounds and private play areas and much more. Lobbe offers a wide range of bark and compost products for a wide variety of uses. In high quality and for municipal, commercial and private use.


Biomass as

Wood biomass provides a renewable and affordable fuel. Whether kindling wood from recycled, untreated packaging wood, whether lump wood for your own production of firewood or whether fuel wood chips for wood chip heating plants, wood chip heating power plants or wood chip heating systems in private households - from Lobbe you can obtain wood fuels for a wide variety of purposes.

We process each grade with great care and provide them in high quality. Our fuel woodchips are produced in different grades for the various firing systems using the latest technologies.

For our quality-assured soils, we naturally need quality-assured primary products - and we get them at Lobbe!

Sven Brammer
(QMB / Quality Assurance)
Balster Einheitserdewerk GmbH, Fröndenberg

When waste becomes raw material:
Our recyclates as an active contribution to resource conservation.

Use recyclable materials. Control pollutants. With services for industry, commerce, citizens and municipalities.