Vertical milling machine

Sludge and tar remediation

With the development of the vertical milling machine, Lobbe opened up new possibilities for remediating tar landfills economically and, above all, quickly. Major ecological projects in the territory of the former GDR included "Neue Sorge Tar Landfill", "Terpe/Zerre Tar Landfills", "VEB Tar Processing Plant Rositz", "Lauta Tar Ponds" and "Magdeburg-Rothensee Industrial Gasworks". They were all successfully completed under Lobbe's direction and no longer pose an environmental threat today. If you add up the quantities of tars and tar oil solids (TÖF) that came together, it is far more than a million tonnes.

The vertical milling machine:

  • Large equipment tool mounted on the boom of an excavator
  • Fields of application: Solidification of slurries of all types and consistencies up to the point of transportability and landfillability.
  • Solidification is achieved by adding conditioning agents such as lime, cement, fly ash or pulverised coal in order to be able to dredge and transport the stabilised homogeneous sludge.
  • The output is between 500 and 1,500 tonnes per day

Lobbe works absolutely autonomously in sludge treatment (on-site and in-situ) and requires no further stationary peripheral equipment.