Industrial service

Chemical industrial cleaning

Chemical industrial cleaning" is carried out according to precisely defined procedures, with constant laboratory analysis of the rinsed residues, and offers the decisive advantage of limiting dismantling work to a minimum, especially in the case of complex plant systems. With mobile equipment - including gas scrubbers and special pumps - Lobbe can respond flexibly to a wide variety of requirements.

Tanks and large containers can also be cleaned chemically. By using low-pressure tank washing heads, this can also be done without access.

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Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG
Head office Iserlohn-Letmathe
Stenglingser Weg 4-12
58642 Iserlohn-Letmathe

Phone: +49 23 74 - 504 0
Fax: +49 23 74 - 504 280

Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG
Duisburg branch
Hülsermannshof 36
47179 Duisburg

Phone: +49 203 - 50 04 0
Fax: +49 203 - 50 04 108

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