For soils particularly highly contaminated with
For soils particularly highly contaminated with pollutants

Soil remediation

With two soil remediation plants and a vacuum thermal system for soils particularly highly contaminated with pollutants, market-adapted capacities with corresponding intermediate storage facilities are available for soil treatment. Especially for soils contaminated with mineral oil hydrocarbons, there is a mature microbiological remediation process.

Our remediation procedures:

Vacuum thermics for extremely contaminated soils: The vacuum thermal plant at Lobbe's site in the Rositz recycling park (Altenburg district) is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe.

Soil remediation centers in Hagen and Spremberg:
Lobbe's soil remediation centers accept contaminated soils from acute damage and scheduled remediation projects. In addition to contaminated soils, other biologically treatable wastes, such as sludge from oil wells, can also be accepted.

Soil vapor extraction for on-site measures:
In the case of contamination with gasoline, chlorinated hydrocarbons, e.g. "Tri" and "Per", or other highly volatile pollutants, the use of soil vapor extraction is particularly suitable if contamination sources in the soil are difficult to access and the soil is not to be removed for external remediation.


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