Lobbe makes eANV mobile

We work with the currently most modern variant in electronic verification, have not compromised on the choice of technical options,
but are fully focused on the needs of our customers. And we do this regardless of whether it is a "big customer" or a "small customer". Lobbe makes eANV mobile and comes to waste disposal with portable tablet PCs.


These small devices, not much bigger than a mouse pad, work with integrated route planning plus eANV software. It couldn't be quicker or more flexible because the signature of the producer and the carrier can be done directly when the waste is accepted.

The Lobbe-eANV customer portal is suitable for all waste producers. In our web-based customer portal, you have everything at a glance that previously had to be filed in the record book: consignment bills, disposal certificates and other digital documents that you need for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Simply log in with your user name and password and off you go. A clear menu design guides you safely through all areas and functions of the
electronic waste verification procedure:

  • Registration of users and official numbers by Lobbe
  • Simple, convenient and intuitive operation - thus no long training period
  • Creation of electronic waste disposal certificates, consignment notes etc.
  • Sign, send and receive electronic documents - quickly, easily and securely
  • Integrated signature component (software for processing the qualified electronic signature and for addressing a card reader)
  • Access to the customer portal anytime and anywhere via the Internet
  • Automatic register management
  • Register data access and export at any time
  • Responding to register requests
  • Security through legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of data
  • Signature card service
  • Accessory service (card reader)
  • Service around the topic eANV
  • Always up-to-date general information
  • Further services from Lobbe on disposal, industrial services, promotions, new services etc.
  • Customer support via Lobbe-eANV hotline

Download remote signature

Instructions for using the remote signature

Download remote signature certificate

Instructions for obtaining a remote signing certificate

Lobbe tip

What you need to participate

To participate in eANV, you need a PC with internet access, a card reader and a personal signature card. Here we give you the opportunity to conveniently order a signature card and card reader.

Please read our information, which we provide for guidance and as a completion aid for your first order as well as for subsequent cards. We are happy to provide everything you need to know with this document.