Lobbe makes eANV
simple, secure and flexible

Companies and citizens have become increasingly aware of potential environmental hazards. For this reason, politicians have strictly regulated the verification of the professional disposal of hazardous waste. As a waste disposal partner, Lobbe helps its customers to keep the associated costs as low as possible. We solve your eANV requirements individually and support you with customized solutions for all aspects of the electronic records procedure.

The permissibility of the planned disposal of waste requiring documentation is documented as part of the electronic waste documentation procedure (eANV). Since April 1, 2010, this proof of disposal has been provided exclusively in electronic form via online proof of disposal. The eANV is used to track the path of waste from generation to disposal. Waste producers, transporters and disposers as well as the competent authorities transmit the information required for verification as structured messages. Processing takes place electronically via the Central Waste Coordination Office (ZKS-Abfall) to the responsible authorities. Every company that participates in the eANV must first register with the ZKS Abfall.

On the safe side with our eANV service

Benefit from our complete service. We have put together a range of services for you. Lobbe can create all the necessary eANV documents for you on request: waste disposal certificates, consignment bills, collective waste disposal certificates and transfer bills. Do you still need accessories for signing? You can easily obtain signature cards and card readers via our order form:

eANV completely flexible with the pre-signature

To simplify matters, we have combined various procedures relating to the electronic verification process and now offer the most convenient solution for our customers. With the so-called "pre-signature", you have the option of signing the consignment bill before our driver arrives.

Your advantages:

You have the flexibility to decide when and where you sign the consignment bill. The necessary documents are made available to you in our Lobbe eANV customer portal. There you can conveniently carry out the pre-signature - for example with your Lobbe signature card.

If you are interested in the mobile application of the remote signature procedure and would like to use the remote signature directly at the waste handover, please contact us. You can reach our eANV hotline on +49 2371 434-434.

Lobbe eANV customer portal

The Lobbe-eANV customer portal is suitable for all waste producers. In our web-based customer portal, you have everything at a glance that previously had to be filed in the record book: consignment bills, disposal certificates and other digital documents that you need for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Simply log in with your user name and password and off you go. A clear menu design guides you safely through all areas and functions of the electronic waste records procedure:

eANV accessories and signature card service

To participate in eANV, you need a PC with Internet access, a card reader and a personal signature card. You can obtain card readers for connection to your computer via USB port and signature cards from our signature accessories service. All relevant information and the order form can be found here:

Please read our information, which we provide for guidance and as a completion aid for your first order as well as for subsequent cards. We are happy to provide everything you need to know with this document.

eANV hotline

Do you still have questions? Our Lobbe eANV hotline will be happy to help you and all users of our Lobbe eANV customer portal +49 2371 434-434