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Lobbe is always on the move for an intact environment. Because in all areas of life and the economy, waste of the most diverse kinds is produced that must be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. Therefore, waste is carefully sorted or categorised and valuable raw materials such as glass, plastics, wood, paper and metals are recovered, but also, for example, oils, emulsions and acids from industrial production. Non-recyclable residues are used to generate electricity and heat or as substitute fuels in industry.

Lobbe App

Lobbe App
Lobbe App

Hazardous waste disposal

quite simply online via eANV

Our online portal for the electronic waste records procedure (eANV) offers you the web-based option of automatically proving that your waste has been disposed of in accordance with regulations or that you, as the disposal company, have accepted your customers' waste in accordance with regulations

Correct waste separation

Mobile pollutant collection

On behalf of the cities and municipalities, Lobbe collects pollutants from private households with a mobile collection point, the Schadstoffmobil. For example, used oils, fuels, solvents, paints and varnishes, medicines, acids or alkalis are accepted. Waste that cannot be assigned with certainty is sampled and analysed.

Anyone who uses this service is making a personal contribution to ensuring that these pollutants do not pose a danger to people or the environment! The locations and dates for the mobile hazardous waste collection service can be found in the waste calendar of the respective municipality.

And because a lot of pollutants also accumulate in craft or commercial enterprises, we are happy to offer this service there on request.

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