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Iserlohn-based Lobbe Group supports municipalities with digitalization

Iserlohn, 25.09.23 - Lobbe, the Iserlohn-based environmental and waste disposal company, will be supporting its municipal and local authority customers on the road to digitalization in the future. The focus of a new offer is a significant increase in efficiency in road management. In cooperation with the AI company vialytics, Lobbe is offering its waste disposal customers software tailored to municipal needs for recording road conditions, including manhole covers and traffic signs. In the future, this will make it possible to detect possible road damage on the routes of Lobbe vehicles in parallel with the disposal service and to plan necessary repairs in good time. This is done without any additional work for both Lobbe employees and the municipalities.

"The strategic cooperation between waste management company Lobbe and vialytics is a prime example of how close collaboration between innovative companies and startups contributes to the digital transformation of traditional industries," says Matthias Röhring, Managing Director of the Lobbe Group's strategy and innovation company UVENTURES. The company initiated the cooperation and is supporting the rollout in the municipalities.

The solution from vialytics uses a specially developed AI algorithm. "The collected data is available in a browser-based road management system without any time delay. This data enables cities and municipalities to quickly and objectively assess damage. Not only can images and road conditions be viewed, but rehabilitation and maintenance measures can also be planned directly in the system," explains Malte Werkner, project manager at UVENTURES.

By using this innovative solution, municipal customers benefit from significant time savings in the collection and processing of infrastructure data. The use of the software not only helps to reduce costs, but also to increase citizen satisfaction, as deficiencies in the municipal infrastructure can be quickly remedied.

The advantages of the new road management software at a glance:

  • Faster response and more safety: Cities and municipalities can react quickly to damage in the road space and thus ensure road safety.
  • More efficient resource management: The data collected can be used to target municipal resources, which not only saves costs but also extends the service life of roads.
  • Practical contribution to environmental protection: Intelligent use of the waste disposal infrastructure reduces the fuel consumption of municipal vehicles and thus the ecological footprint of local authorities.
  • Higher quality of life: Roads in good condition contribute to a higher quality of life for citizens and promote the economic development of cities and communities.

With this cooperation, the Lobbe Group is consistently pursuing its innovation policy as a driving force in the waste disposal industry. Through its subsidiary UVENTURES, it is already working on further digital solutions in the environmental and waste disposal sector with high added value for commercial, industrial and municipal customers.


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UVENTURES is a Lobbe Group company responsible for strategy and innovation projects.

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