Industrial service

Automated HD cleaning

Automated HD cleaning is no longer a vision. Lobbe has shown the way with two groundbreaking developments:
Groundbreaking development

The Remote Lance Worker

The Remote Lance Worker is used as an extended arm of the human being, who no longer has to carry out manual HD work himself, but as an operator controls his work tool without physical strain. As a machine operator, the human works with the Lance Worker outside hazardous areas. The mobile unit is remotely controlled either by radio or by cable and is particularly suitable for continuous use. The RLW is equipped with standard HD nozzles as well as customised nozzles and other individual HD tools. The carrier system allows a wide variety of working positions, even unusual ones.
The Robotized Lance Frame

Automated cleaning of
heat exchangers

Unthinkable until a few months ago, the automated cleaning of horizontal and vertical heat exchangers has now been realised. The travel paths of the jacking unit are programmed at the beginning of the work, after which the operator only gives the command by remote control to move the lances in and out again. Once stored, the data such as diameter, number of pipes and length of the heat exchanger are retained. Currently, heat exchangers with a maximum number of 30,000 tubes can be cleaned. You can also find more information in this video: Robotized Lance Frame - automatic heat exchanger cleaning