Groundwater, standing waters, flowing waters

Water remediation

Lobbe remediates groundwater, standing waters, and also flowing waters in which sludge and sediments have accumulated. Groundwater contamination often consists of floating phases of gasoline, diesel, or kerosene, especially where, for example, tank farms, gas stations, military airports, fuel transfer stations, and industrial and commercial operations were once located. In many cases, the soil at such sites must be remediated in parallel with the groundwater.

Our procedures:

Special pneumatic pumps:
In the case of classic groundwater damage caused by floating mineral oil products, excellent remediation results can be achieved with ejector technology.

Light liquid separator:
The principle is simple but effective: oil and water separate due to their different densities (gravity principle). Water and oil remain as separate phases. The extent to which the water can be discharged without further post-treatment is determined by sampling.

Mopmatic wringer - attracts oil, repels water:
The devices easily draw off floating pollutant phases such as oil, paraffin, diesel, heating oil, petroleum, heavy oil, etc. without forming emulsions, and can be used stationary or mobile regardless of the terrain and weather.