When waste becomes raw material

Active contribution to resource conservation:
Our PE granulates from
post-consumer packaging

More and more products will be made from recycled material in the future; this is what consumers and legislators are demanding. By closing the material cycle for polyethylene, we recover raw materials for the plastics processing industry and give packaging, for example, a new life - this is how the circular economy should be.

By using our recycled material, primary plastic can be saved. can be saved. This conserves natural resources and significantly reduces the emission of climate-damaging gases. climate-damaging gases considerably.

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Production of PE granulates from post-consumer packaging



Inhomogeneity of the input material and the plastic mixtures it contains make high-quality recycling of packaging waste a challenge. Thanks to our in-depth experience in handling plastics and our patented cleaning process, we nevertheless succeed in obtaining clean and unmixed PE-based plastic granules. This is the basic prerequisite for manufacturing standardized products of consistently high quality.


For the most part, we use packaging and mixed plastics from the yellow bag or yellow bin as input materials (DSD 310 & MKS 352). In addition, we can also process sorting films and mixed commercial films. We define what would generally be called "waste" as a raw material source for high-quality polyethylene-based polymers (PE). We know the necessary ratio between the different input materials in order to adapt the product result to our customers' needs already at the raw material selection stage.

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