School class disappears in blind spot

Lobbe and Blicki organized playful traffic education in Iserlohn school

Iserlohn. As a major group of companies for waste disposal and environmental services, Lobbe is on the road every day with heavy vehicles and technical equipment. The safety of citizens and especially children is a top priority. In cooperation with Blicki e.V., a playful workshop for children took place at Iserlohn's Hennen Elementary School on April 26, 2023. Paul Ziemiak, the local member of the Bundestag for the CDU was also on site: "I am a father of two children myself and know how relevant traffic education is. That's why I support this important project. Among other things, the students were allowed to climb into the cab of the Lobbe vehicle and see for themselves that the entire school class disappears into the unusually large blind spot. "As a company with a very strong regional presence and a total of 1,400 trucks on German roads, we feel we have a responsibility to raise awareness of the dangers in traffic posed by trucks," says Marcell Wiese, Managing Director of Lobbe Entsorgung GmbH.

In view of 23,000 personal accidents involving freight vehicles (as of 2022) in Germany, raising awareness of the risks on the road around large vehicles is the joint goal of Blicki e.V. and Lobbe. "Aware of its responsibility for other road users and especially children, Lobbe focuses on the safety of people and the environment as early as the training of its specialists. But even after the training, Lobbe regularly trains the drivers for the protection of other road users," says Marcell Wiese.

The Lobbe Group also invests continuously in modern vehicle technology and effective assistance systems. However, raising awareness of the risks on the road is also important for children's safety, especially around large vehicles. In Blicki e.V., the Lobbe Group has a partner that actively raises awareness in this area through child-friendly workshops and exciting learning methods. As part of its cooperation with Blicki, the Lobbe Group supports this commitment to children's safety and ensures that hazard education is expanded. "Many thanks to Lobbe for the impressive demosntration on site!", says Paul Ziemiak. With firm values, Lobbe underscores responsible action in its daily core business in this way. Two partners - one common goal.

Lobbe, a family-owned company, has five main business areas: Waste Disposal, Industrial Services, Sewer Services, Remediation and Emergency Management. The Lobbe Group has a total of 54 locations throughout Germany with more than 2,750 employees and generates annual sales of 465 million euros.

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