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Dispatcher (f/m/d) Location: Erwitte

Driver for special sweepers for professional oil trace and extreme dirt removal /​ career changer (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Professional driver (m/f/d) Location: Brilon

Employee for raw materials trading (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Machine and equipment operator (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Loader/​Garbage Worker (m/f/d) Location: Brilon

Automotive mechatronics technician (f/m/d) Location: Bestwig, in future Brilon

Sewer Services Specialist/​Career changer from the skilled trades (f/m/d) Locations: Paderborn & Hagen

Plant fitter for our composting plant (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Nentershausen

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Kassel

Professional driver (m/f/d) Location: Hallenberg/​Bad Berleburg

Professional driver (m/f/d) for skip loader, location: Hallenberg

Plant employee conditioning/​intermediate storage (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn-Letmathe

Plant employee CP plant/​conditioning/​intermediate storage (f/m/d) Location: Bielefeld

Trainee/​Deputy as a senior employee for our treatment plant (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Specialist for the area of average management /​ career changer (f/m/d) Locations: Brilon, Duisburg, Hagen, Meinerzhagen

Professional driver for assignments on Friday/​weekend (f/m/d) Location: Hagen

Professional driver (m/f/d) Location: Balve

Loader/​Garbage collector (m/f/d) Location: Marienheide

Site and operations manager in emergency management (f/m/d) Location: Hagen

Manager Personnel Marketing (m/f/d)

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Marienheide

Employee (m/f/d) in the field of energy & supply engineering - resource optimization

Employee for commercial activities (m/f/d)

Site Manager Pollutant Remediation (m/f/d)

IT System Administrator (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn-Sümmern

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Arnsberg

Foreman Pollutant Remediation (m/f/d)

Warehouse employee with focus on power tools (m/f/d)

Skilled Worker Pollutant Remediation (m/f/d)

Employee for Controlling (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn-Letmathe

Location /​ Vehicle and equipment maintenance technician (f/m/d) Location: Hagen

Software Developer for ERP Systems, Apps and Web Portals (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn-Sümmern

Automotive mechatronics technician, mechanic for commercial vehicles with the prospect of deputy workshop manager (m/f/d) Location: Marienheide

IT System Administrator with focus on security and networks (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn-Sümmern

Professional driver for mobile pollutant collection (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn

Professional driver for hazardous waste transport (f/m/d) Location: Hagen

Professional Driver /​ Plant Employee (f/m/d) Location: Bielefeld

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Werdohl

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Iserlohn

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Erwitte

Professional driver (f/m/d) Location: Brilon

Construction helper for pollutant remediation (m/f/d)

Employee for industrial service (m/f/d), also as career changer for all locations

Employee Sales /​ Operations /​ Project Management (f/m/d) at the Kelsterbach site

Senior Project Manager Business Development (m/f/d)

Unsolicited application to Lobbe Entsorgung GmbH

Unsolicited application to Lobbe Umweltservice GmbH & Co KG

Unsolicited application to Kluge Sanierung GmbH

Unsolicited application to Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG

Training as an environmental technologist for recycling and waste management (f/m/d)

Training as a professional driver (f/m/d)

Apprentice industrial service specialist /​ environmental technologist for industrial plants (m/f/d)

Apprenticeship as an environmental technologist for pipeline networks and industrial plants (f/m/d)

Apprentice Industrial Service Specialist /​ Environmental Technologist for Industrial Plants (m/f/d)

Apprentice Industrial Service Specialist /​ Environmental Technologist for Industrial Plants (m/f/d)

Apprentice environmental technologist for industrial plants (m/f/d)

Trainee Industrial Clerk (f/m/d)

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