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Climate protection through Circular economy

How we live our commitment to our environment

Climate change not only threatens our environment, but also the development opportunities of people in the world's poorest countries. That's why we want to do our part to mitigate climate change with our voluntary climate protection commitment.

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Making a contribution together with our customers

As a waste management and environmental service provider, it is our responsibility to control pollutants sustainably and to return recyclable materials to the cycle in a resource-conserving manner. In this way, we regularly set new standards in environmental technology with innovative products and processes.

Real action
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We recycle and conserve resources and reduce emissions of climate-damaging gases:

  • Plastic granulates from used packaging and mixed plastics
  • Recovery of metals from ash from thermal recovery plants

Climate-neutral vehicle fleet

As mobility is indispensable today, we want to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our vehicle fleet. This is achieved through a bundle of different measures. These include special driver training, modern and therefore economical and environmentally friendly vehicles, and optimized scheduling to reduce empty runs.

Awareness raising

Many of the materials can be recycled. Nevertheless, according to a Forsa survey, almost 40 percent of all respondents assume that the waste will be incinerated only. Counteracting such prejudices is part of the educational work of all those involved in the materials cycle. After all, preparation for the best possible recycling begins in the household with correct separation.

Assume responsibility

We focus on the safety of people and the environment as early as the training of our skilled workers. And even afterwards, we regularly train our drivers to protect other road users. In addition, we continuously invest in modern vehicle technology and effective assistance systems.
Raising awareness of the risks on the road is also important for the safety of our children, especially around large vehicles. In Blicki e.V., the Lobbe Group has a partner that actively raises awareness in this area through child-friendly workshops and exciting learning methods.

Climate protection is the most important goal of our time. We want to actively contribute to it.

Gustav Edelhoff

3rd generation
of the Lobbe disposal group

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When waste becomes raw material:
Our recyclates as an active contribution to resource conservation.