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The distress is great when the water no longer drains away. It then suddenly becomes clear how important intact sewage pipes and canals are. They prevent flooding, contain unpleasant odours and create the hygienic basis for a liveable environment.

In order to be able to do its job reliably and in the long term, a sewage system needs regular inspection. For this purpose, it is important to clean the pipes and sewers at certain intervals, to determine the current condition and to repair them if necessary.

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Risk audit

How much risk can your property take?

Our weather is changing extremely. Heavy rain, hurricane-like storms and floods are on the increase. The existing sewer networks of many properties are not designed for this. Flooding is on the increase there. Across all sectors, the economic damage is immense, and it pushes these companies to the limits of their resilience.

With the "Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Wastewater" concept, Lobbe offers the possibility:

RBI determines the wastewater risk in the entire operation, assesses the situation and proposes optimisation measures.

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For safety and efficiency in every sewer network

Pipe and sewer cleaning

Every day, as a matter of course, we use our drains in the washbasins and sinks as well as the ...

Sewer TV inspection

Small television studios in specially constructed vehicles are the control rooms for inspection specialists.

Leak test

Each owner is responsible for the maintenance of his sewage pipes.

Sewer rehabilitation

If damage to the sewage system is detected during a leak test, it is high time to go to the ...


For us, sewer rehabilitation is not just a craft, but also high-tech. Robot technology in particular offers ...

Manhole inspection and rehabilitation

Control manholes are also a part of the drainage system and must be regularly inspected and tested ...

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