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Cleaning of product and storage tanks

In addition to industrial cleaning of tanks containing petroleum products (fuel oil-S, fuel oil-EL as well as carburetor fuels and aviation fuels), Lobbe Industrieservice also specializes in tanks in which benzenes and methanol are stored. Special emphasis is placed on exhaust air purification during large tank cleaning. The environment is thus polluted as little as possible by released emissions. Product residues, such as heavy oil or bitumen, are pre-treated for disposal. Depending on the task, this is done by heating, cooling, conditioning or crushing. The actual final cleaning of the tanks is usually carried out using high-pressure water.

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Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG
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Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG
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Gasometer cleaning

The industrial cleaning of low-pressure telescopic or screw telescopic gas containers as well as disc gas containers requires a particularly high level of routine and expertise. In gasometer cleaning, equipment and know-how are specially tailored to the changeover from one sealing medium to another. All additional measures required, such as inerting as well as staking and other locksmith work, are handled entirely under Lobbe's direction. Appropriate technology is used to minimize water consumption during cleaning. Any wastewater produced is treated on site and reused several times.

Dismantling of industrial tanks

Since in most cases it is not pure dismantling work, the dismantling of plants places high demands on planning, technology and strategy for implementation. Lobbe takes over the complete coordination and execution of all measures. They range from the so-called "cleaning before demolition" to the salvage and disposal of residues of all types and consistencies to the levelling or remediation of the site. The close cooperation with sister company Kluge, which specialises in the remediation of (building) pollutants such as asbestos, PCBs and KMF, has also proven its worth.