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Yesterday’s waste is today’s recyclable

As one of the first medium-sized businesses in the waste management industry, Lobbe became interested in the idea of the closed substance cycle early on. The foremost idea was to protect the environment and resources on the one hand, and the benefit to the customer on the other. This has not changed. On the contrary, in times of scarce resources and rising raw material costs, it becomes apparent just how important these investment decisions were, and that they were taken with entrepreneurial foresight.

The Lobbe Group today offers diverse treatment facilities to bring waste back into the economic cycle as secondary raw materials. Modern plant Engineering and a wealth of experience here also provide customer-oriented, economical solutions.

LOBBE Wertstoffhof

Recycling centres

For many municipalities, Lobbe operates recycling centres on their behalf, which are all an important part of local waste management. They make sure that waste is turned to recovered material. Everything that gets there is separated and sorted, and assigned to the correct recovery path. For local residents, it is an additional secure disposal option.

Moreover, at some sites Lobbe also offers this service to commercial customers. Wastes that are not subject to municipal transfer duty can be delivered there. Before the first customer arrives, or on the way from one site to another – convenient opening times make it possible.

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