Our values

We tackle where we can do things better.

Our mission statement, which drives us and which we want to pass on.

Where others just talk, we consistently get things done.

Gustav Edelhoff
and Heike Edelhoff

3rd generation of the Lobbe Group

Our guiding principle

Observe, analyse, tackle.

In everything we do, we ask ourselves:

Will this make it a little easier,
cleaner, safer and
more productive?
Does it work
and economically?
Does it serve people

Our values

Both feet on the ground.

And yet always on the move.


When we see a problem, we find a suitable solution. We don't have to be the first, but we like to be the best.


We do not believe in short-term growth, measures or decisions to satisfy a trend - neither economically nor ecologically.


The trust of our customers and partners is the most important foundation. We always go the extra mile and keep our promises.


Our word is our bond. Instead of adorning ourselves with a green we focus on transparency and responsibility.


As a medium-sized family business, family values such as closeness, openness and humanity are very important to us.


We do not need to puff ourselves up
, but live flat hierarchies with individual personalities.

From the invention of the wheelie bin to automated HD cleaning. How we became the company we are today.


"Become part of our team!"

We are a medium-sized family business with safe and social working conditions. Flat hierarchies, short paths and a management that has "a face" ensure open and personal cooperation. Become a part of it!