Plant Engineering

Technology for the Environment
Plant Engineering

Ecologically sound, economically adequate

The real challenges, particularly in environmental terms, are the operation of plants in ecologically sound and economically viable recycling, but at the very least, in neutralizing the risk of  hazardous substances.

However, anyone who thinks that plant technology alone will guarantee this, is wrong. Knowing the best method for the best result has a much higher profile than even the most modern facility. The plant just has to work. Whoever is operating it, however, must think, decide, weigh the options.

LOBBE Analgentechnik - MHKW Iserlohn

Lobbe – Tip: Overview of plants

  • Physico-chemical treatment plants in Bielefeld, Iserlohn and Espenhain
  • Interim storage facilities for hazardous waste in Brilon, Bielefeld, Iserlohn,Teutschenthal, Espenhain, Spremberg and Rositz
  • sorting plant for paper, cardboard, cartons in Bergneustadt
  • sorting plant for commercial waste in Iserlohn
  • neutralization plant for hydrofluoric acid in Espenhain
  • Vacuum thermal soil treatment plant in Rositz
  • Plastic processing plant in Iserlohn
  • Soil remediation centres in Hagen and Spremberg
  • Oil separation plant in Iserlohn
  • Wood processing plant in Hagen
  • rejects treatment plant in Castrop-Rauxel
  • composting facility in Olpe (50% participation)
  • Waste incineration Plant in Iserlohn (24.9% stake)
  • Metal sorting plant in Braunsbedra b. Merseburg
  • filter basket cleaning system in Glaubitz b. Riesa (pyrolysis, ultrasonic)