Special waste

Waste Disposal
Special waste
LOBBE Entsorgung von gefährlichen Abfälle

Hazardous waste

In the area of ​​hazardous waste disposal, Lobbe is one of the most prominent suppliers of standard and specialty services in Germany. For the treatment of liquid wastes, we have a total capacity of around 200,000 tons per year. In addition to the modern treatment plants, the intermediate warehouses for short-term acceptance of waste are of great importance. Here, quantities are assembled and batched into transportable units.

As a special service, waste can also be accepted outside of normal operating hours. This helps industrial companies, for example, in planning downtime periods during which waste must be disposed of immediately, and provides Lobbe with optimal flexibility to act in the context of emergency response and industrial service measures.

Lobbe disposes of solid as well as liquid hazardous waste via disposal routes that can be traced at any time, with due diligence and according to the law, either in our own facilities or using our contingents in third party facilities. Professional advice, modern vehicles, high-performance systems and optimally equipped laboratories: Lobbe companies offer everything from a single source.

Laboratory analysis

Analyses are a matter of trust

No waste is like another. Experience helps, but there is no routine. Often chemical analysis is the only way to identify risks to humans and the environment and to make a determination on the further handling of a particular waste. In that case, it can be advantageous if the laboratory and its personnel are specialized in waste. As an independent laboratory and approved investigative body in accordance with § 25 LAbfG, Lobbe provides:

  • Declaration analyses
  • Soil testing
  • Landfill analyses
  • Waste oil investigation
  • Monitoring of industrial water
  • Operational process analytics
  • Oil separation monitoring

All investigations are in full compliance with the requirements under the respective prescribed parameters and procedures. Sampling is carried out on the basis of LAGA PN 98. If necessary, with sampling protocol and sample preparation protocol.