Commercial waste

Waste Disposal
Commercial waste
LOBBE Entsorgung nach Maß

Made to measure disposal for industry and business owners

Waste is generated wherever there is production and trade. Varying in composition and quantity, spread over a number of collection points. A variety of documentation requirements, legal requirements and regulations must be observed in the disposal of special and industrial waste. Aligning the safety of waste management with the individual economic goals of your company requires an experienced and competent partner: Lobbe.

Mobile pollutant collection

Mobile pollutant collection

Where the use of harmful substances cannot be avoided, various canisters, bottles and cans with problematic residual content accumulate over time. Chemicals, paints, adhesives, solvents, waste oils, cans, old medicine, batteries or capacitors – as a rule, these are hazardous waste and must be disposed of separately. In the fast pace of everyday life, the good intention to take care of the disposal can easily be forgotten. Mobile pollutant collection is a convenient and safe solution. A specially trained professional takes over the operation on site:

  • sorting of materials and the allocation of waste identity/li>
  • the correct classification according to GGVS / ADR
  • proper packing in approved transport container
  • the issue of transfer certificates as proof of legally compliant disposal for the waste register

A Lobbe service, which again creates order quickly and safely.

Separator systems

Maintenance and repair of oil and light liquid separators

As an interface between business and the environment, the correct operation of the separator prevents oil or gasoline leaking from the business premises to the outside. Nature and the environment remain protected. The law therefore requires the responsible use of a separator. To avoid downtime, a separator system must be regularly checked and tested. The effort and the responsibility for the operator is huge. Lobbe’s maintenance service provides its customers with significant advantages:

  • Inspections and maintenance are carried out on time
  • Continuous monitoring of fill levels
  • Emptying and cleaning at the right time
  • Gap free operating log
  • All services in the hands of certified companies

And there is an additional option: The complete package can be used with a flat monthly rate. For a fixed monthly fee, all services required over a time of five years are handled. This makes the effort at any time predictable and creates planning reliability.

And of course Lobbe also offers real customer benefits when it comes to the remediation of separator systems. Regardless of whether a separator system has been newly built, or whether an existing system needs to be taken into operation or converted – Lobbe will develop the appropriate wastewater technology solutions based on the individual requirements. Together with a service partner, from the first phase of the project to the delivery of spare parts, Lobbe provides the complete handling of all necessary services:

Non-hazardous waste

Whether production waste, food waste, construction waste, paper, cardboard, cartons and much more – all the waste left at the end of the day in production or trade is in good hands with Lobbe. Regardless of the type of or quantity of waste, we will make sure to offer needs-based disposal solutions. Whether as an individual service provided with the appropriate containers, or as a holistic Waste-flow-concept. Lobbe customers benefit from our years of experience, the use of modern technology and customer-oriented advice.

Restaurant waste

Disposal system for restaurants

With the Lobbe disposal system, restaurant operators receive a comprehensive service package that is specially tailored to the requirements of gastronomic establishments. From the removal of mixed packaging to food recycling, on to the maintenance and cleaning of the grease trap – everything is included. Even “specialties” such as snow removal in the parking lot can be requested. And the best part: The business contracts for a custom scope of services and benefits from a flat rate – this creates financial planning security and keeps the mind clear for the most important part of the restaurant business: The guests.