Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal
LOBBE Abfallentsorgung

Lobbe disposal – From waste to valuable substance

Lobbe is always on the move for a sound environment. Waste is generated in all areas of life and all sectors of the economy, and must be disposed of safely. Fast, reliable, conserving resources. For this reason, waste must be carefully sorted or categorized, and valuable raw materials recovered such as glass, plastics, wood, paper and metals, also oils, emulsions and acids from industrial production. Non-recyclable waste materials are used to produce electricity and heat, or as alternative fuels in industry.

An efficient recycling economy requires a perfectly functional waste removal industry – one working at a high level of technical competence, and with people bringing not only experience, but also a sense of responsibility for the environment.

LOBBE Abfallentsorgung

Combined experience and expertise

Years of experience on the regional level allow Lobbe to meld technical expertise with its employees experience and effort The range of services runs from collection and hauling to sorting, recycling, purifying and removal and on to marketing of secondary raw materials. This potential is complemented through the use of modern technology in the treatment plants and the entire logistics chain.

Through a targeted material flow management, waste is directed into appropriate sorting and purifying facilities for recycling and the disposal of remainders. This all takes place either at in-house facilities, affiliated facilities or a set contingent of third-party facilities, all subject to a strict quality management to guarantee maximum disposal safety. At the same time, the value of the various waste types is maintained in a manner that makes the most ecological and economic sense..


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