Spill Management

Spill Management

Certified and approved

Lobbe submits its technology and staff to constant inspection by the pertinent civil authorities and other organisations responsible for the approval of companies that handle water pollutants. Lobbe is a certified waste management company, TÜV-monitored specialist according to §19 l Federal Water Act (WHG), a member of the Quality Association Tankschutz eV (quality mark RAL RG 977) and a member of the Engineering Technical Association for Remediation (ITVA).

The oil spill specialists

On the highway, a chemical truck tips over, during a fire, contaminated extinguishing water flows into the sewer system, the heating oil tank overflows in the basement of a skyscraper.

To minimize the impact of accidents with environmental and water-polluting substances, the oil spill specialists of Lobbe remain available day and night to provide professional assistance. In the event of environmental disasters, they are thus entirely at the service of the general public. Comprehensive equipment (including for explosive hazard areas), ranging from respiratory protective equipment to oil booms and emergency generators, ensures exceptional flexibility during the operations to which the Lobbe oil-fighters are called by road, water and rail.

The exceptional range of services in disaster management is also based on the company-wide cooperation between departments and locations. The Lobbe laboratories have a key role in this. They also analyse substances of unknown origin and nature.

Lobbe Tip

Special equipment + vehicles for oil spill response

Available immediately for operations: Different pump technology, high-pressure cleaners, skimmers, Mopmaten, light liquid separators, mobile generators, sewage bags, static oil booms, special tools, industrial-scale fans, salvage drums, binding agents for water and solid substrates, sorbents, cleaning concentrates, degassing agents.

Suction / pressure tank cars, high-security acid cars, high-pressure cleaning trucks, container vehicles, tank trucks, Unimogs, workshop vehicles, mobile separators, oil and chemical defence equipment carts, excavators, loaders etc.

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