Pipe and sewer cleaning

Sewer Services
Pipe and sewer cleaning
LOBBE Rohr- und Kanalreinigung

Pipe and sewer cleaning

Lobbe’s areas of service range from the cleaning of ducts, pipes, and drains to large scale cleanup and the remediation of wastewater structures and shafts. The extraction and transportation of waste from non-draining collection pits and small sewage treatment plants is another area of activity for Lobbe’s specialists.

LOBBE Hochdruckreinigung

Free pipes for unimpeded flow

Duct cleaning is unavoidable. It is an important prerequisite in achieving optimum functional capacity. It is necessary for the unimpeded movement of cameras and mobile robots, as well as for accurate recording of measurement data. Cleaning tasks can also be conducted in seepage and industrial pits.

Lobbe Tip

High Pressure Cleaning

Depending on the diameter of the channel profile and the presence of stubborn deposits such as lime (“stalactite”), Lobbe utilizes the same specialized machines that are used in industrial services.

Industrial cleaning with HP technology
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