Sewer Services

Sewer Services
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To ensure that everything flows – prevent and protect

There are things that you don’t think of until they don’t work. A clogged sewer line is such a case. Whether a residential or commercial property is affected by this type of malfunction: Water that no longer drains can cause quite a crisis. It suddenly becomes clear how important intact drains and sewers are. They prevent flooding, create an odour barrier, and form the hygienic basis for a liveable environment.

In order to reliably perform its work in the long term, a sewer system needs to be checked regularly. It is important to clean the pipes and ducts at certain intervals, and to determine the current status and conduct repairs as necessary. Lobbe specialists provide safety and efficiency for any sewer system with this kind of preventive and proactive sewer management.

Lobbe Kanaldienstleistungen

Safety for the Enterprise

How much risk can a company bear? Our weather patterns have drastically changed. Heavy rain, gale-force storms and floods are increasing. The existing sewer networks of many companies are not prepared for this. This has led to an increase of flooding. Across all industries, economic damages are significant and can bring companies to the limits of their capacity.

With the concept of “risk-based inspection (RBI)” of wastewater systems, Lobbe provides the opportunity to proactively assess risks, and to prevent economic damage. RBI determines the wastewater risk throughout the entire company, evaluates the situation, and proposes optimization measures.


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