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Chemical Industrial Cleaning
LOBBE Chemische Industriereinigung

Proven process for complex plant systems

“Chemical Industrial Cleaning” is performed in accordance with precisely specified procedures, and under continuous laboratory analysis of the rinsed residues. Especially for complex plant systems, it provides the decisive advantage of limiting dismantling work to a minimum. With mobile equipment – including gas-scrubbers and special pumps – Lobbe can respond flexibly to the most diverse requirements.

LOBBE Chemische Industriereinigung


Chemical industrial cleaning includes hot-passivation. It may be necessary following the pickling of surfaces, in order to prevent, for example, the dreaded “popcorn” formation in butadiene plants. A number of reference orders from renowned companies and institutions underscores the competence of Lobbe, and documents the effectiveness of the procedure. Passivation jobs are generally handled by Lobbe around the clock, in a multi-shift operation.

LOBBE Chemische Industriereinigung

Overview Chemicals Industrial Cleaning / Passivation

  • Pickling / neutralization of surfaces during start-up of new plants and after “shut downs”.
  • Pickling / neutralization of surfaces for preventative corrosion protection.
  • Removal of carbonates in cooling circuits.
  • Removal of oils / fats / cracking in heat exchangers and piping.
  • Elimination of sulphides in pipelines and heat exchangers.
  • Degreasing of plant components and vessels (with renewable solvents).

The cleaning of tanks and large containers can also be done chemically. Through the use of low-pressure tank washing heads, this can even be achieved without entry.

Lobbe video: Hot-passivation

lobbe live

In four minutes, this video clearly explains the principle of hot-passivation. First of all, the removal of corrosion is described schematically. This creates a highly reactive metal surface, which is inactive and corrosion resistant after the final passivation.

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