Water Remediation

Water Remediation
LOBBE Wassersanierung

Our most important resource

Water is our most important resource. Contamination by chemicals of any kind may therefore have particularly serious consequences. Lobbe remediates groundwater, standing waters, but also running waters in which mud and sediments have accumulated. Groundwater contaminations frequently consist of floating phases of petrol, diesel and kerosene, especially in locations of former fuel depots, petrol stations, military airports, transfer stations for fuels, and industrial and commercial enterprises. In these locations, the soil often needs to be remediated along with the groundwater.

LOBBE Wassersanierung

Special pneumatic pumps

In classical groundwater contamination by floating oil products, outstanding remediation successes can be achieved using ejector technology. The special pneumatic special pumps operate particularly economically in continuous mode, as well as for measures in “Ex” areas. Ejector pumps require little maintenance and are resistant to aggressive media. In addition, the units are safe to run dry and separate pollutant phases without emulsification. Installation is possible in wells starting at a shaft cross-section of 50 (!) millimetres. Due to the extraction of the pure pollutant phase, no downstream purification step is necessary.

LOBBE Wassersanierung

Light liquid separator

The principle is simple, but effective: Oil and water separate due to their different densities (gravity principle). In large-volume light liquid separators, this is accomplished especially quickly and effectively, at the rate of up to 90 cubic meters of oil-water mixture per hour. Water and oil remain behind as separate phases. The extent to which the water can be discharged without further treatment is determined by sampling.

LOBBE Wassersanierung mit dem Wringer

Mopmatic-Wringer- attracts oil, repels water

Mopmatic wringers have proven to be extremely reliable in many long-term projects . The devices easily extract floating pollutant phases such as oil, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, heavy oil, etc. without emulsification, and can be used regardless of the terrain and weather conditions, whether stationary or mobile.

The technology is already legendary among professionals: a water-repellent cord with a high affinity for oils soaks up the pollutants and is squeezed out between two rollers. In the high-performance version, Mopmatic wringers extract up to 3,000 litres of pure contaminant phase per hour. Like ejector pumps, they can also be used for long-term projects. Some cases may benefit from the simultaneous use of both methods.

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