Sludge Treatment

Sludge Treatment

The Vertical Cutter

The vertical cutter is a large-scale tool, mounted on the boom of an excavator. It ensures the solidification of sludge of all types and consistency, preparing it for transport and disposal. The only thing needed on site is a paved driveway.

Conditioning agents such as lime,
cement, fly ash or coal dust are used to produce a stabile homogeneous mass that can be excavated and hauled away. The building site itself only requires a fixed means of access, so that it can be reached by vehicles. Power and other utilities can be completely dispensed with.

Lobbe handles the sludge treatment (on-site and in-situ) self-sufficiently, and requires no further stationary peripheral devices.

Stability after two to four hours

Our vertical cutter can process 500 to
1,500 tons daily – depending on the
characteristics and condition of the
sludge. According to a fixed pattern, the cutter processes the entire body of sludge. The sludge already begins to solidify during conditioning. Regardless of the type of additive, the treated material is safe to walk on after two to four hours.

That already concludes the actual treatment with the vertical cutter. Depending on the further use of the conditioned product, parameters such as wing shear strength, dry matter content, leachate values, ​​and energy content are controlled by sampling and subsequent laboratory analysis.

Lobbe live “Sludge Solidification”

lobbe live

Technique and procedure are still a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, this video shows all the key advantages offered by the vertical cutter in the solidification of sludges. At this time, there is no technology faster and more effective than this.