Demolition and Disassembly

Demolition and Disassembly

Demolition of houses, building complexes and industrial plants

Lobbe accepts dismantling and demolition projects, including all ancillary works. Planning and operational management are thus in the same jurisdiction. Concepts like this ensure timesaving and smooth processes, from planning all the way to proper disposal of construction waste, however – especially in industrial plants – also of hazardous waste.

  • Creation of special demolition and disposal concepts incl. all official formalities for residential housing demolition, industrial terminations etc.
  • Coring, demolition and dismantling of civil engineering structures of all kinds, in consideration of efficiency and environmental aspects.
  • Coordination of logistics and execution of separation, removal and disposal or recycling of accumulated demolition materials, in compliance with statutory regulations (KrWG – Closed Substance Cycle Act).
  • Reprocessing and marketing of demolition materials.
  • Disposal / recycling of contaminated materials, including also in own soil remediation centres.
  • Complete documentation on the disposal or recycling of the remaining material from demolition.
LOBBE Abbruch und Demontage

Lobbe as Investor

Lobbe can invest in all the necessary services for the acquisition, remediation, site preparation and marketing of former industrial and military use brownfield sites, including the development of objective strategies (“use-based remediation” or “load-dependent use”).
Especially in densely built urban areas with a limited supply of commercial / residential areas and mixed areas, this is a promising approach with high economic benefits for municipalities and counties, as well as private developers and real estate companies.