Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Lobbe – quality based on responsibility and environmental awareness

With individual concepts and high versatility in use, Lobbe provides its customers with comprehensive environmental services. On the basis of our corporate guidelines, our certified management systems define a strategy to meet the challenges of the future with a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Waste Management Company, Safety Certificate Contractors, Specialised Company under the Water Resources Act, quality management, environmental management, RAL quality label: Lobbe can show more than 20 certificates. Sometimes, however, the awareness of safety and quality is more readily apparent when an employee performs a final check of his work using a flashlight.

Certificates for disposal and industrial services

Service with quality

Our quality is the result of a systematic, professional and state-of-the-art oriented service that meets the needs of our customers. By careful selection of employees, continuous training and education, as well as high-quality technology, we provide our clients with quality on 365 days a year, around the clock. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 at Lobbe also represents the ability to adapt to changes in market conditions and customer needs, and for the regular testing and continuous development of our own specifications.

Service with security

We provide our services based on the specific occupational safety and health laws, regulations and rules. The best protection is achieved by selecting the optimal method of operation, technical safety equipment, organizational measures and personal protective equipment. For Lobbe, the Safety Certificate Contractors SCCP also stands for the continuing development of our own safety standards, on the basis of ongoing insight and experience.

Service with environmental protection

With the certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 Lobbe ensures the protection of the environmental resources soil, water and air as a basis for action in decontamination, cleaning, collection, transport, storage and treatment services.

Having qualified as a specialised company according to WHG with expert organizations and the German Association of Tank Safety (RAL-RG 977), Lobbe ensures having the expertise and technical equipment required to set up, maintain, repair and clean facilities for the storing, filling, production, handling and use of water-polluting substances.

Service with legally compliant disposal

The provision of our services is based on the specific legal approval laws, regulations and rules. With its certification in accordance with the German Waste Management Facility Directive, Lobbe ensures the provision of waste management activities such as collection, transport, storage and treatment based on the specific legal approval laws, regulations and rules.