Olper Entsorgungszentrum

Olper Disposal Center

As the result of the acquisition of the former RWE Umwelt Westfalen, Lobbe holds a 50-percent stake in the Olper Disposal Center. Tasks handled at that location include the operation of a bio-waste composting plant and the aftercare of the former central landfill of Olpe.

The Olper Disposal Center currently handles bio-waste disposal for the app. 440,000 inhabitants of the Olpe and Siegen-Wittgenstein districts. The annual capacity is around 58,000 tonnes. In the course of compost production, own product lines for mulch, bark and substrates were developed and successfully marketed.

The current landfill operation includes the landfill aftercare, i.e. the capturing, processing (incl. special gas cleaning), disposal and utilization (up to 1.1 MWh electric) of the generated landfill gas. The gas has atypical qualities that allow its use as a fuel in internal combustion engines. Therefore, process technologies are currently being reviewed that would allow converting the waste heat from the landfill gas into electricity for drying purposes. Only mineral wastes may still be deposited in Olpe. The relevant provisions came into effect with the new landfill regulations, on 1 July 2005.

LOBBE Analgentechnik - MHKW Iserlohn

Modern Waste-Fuelled Heat and Power Plant

Since 2002, Lobbe has held a 24.5 percent stake in the waste management company of the Märkischer Kreis (AMK), which operates a waste-fuelled heat and power plant (MHKW) in Iserlohn. Each year, the plant’s three boiler lines can convert up to 295,000 tonnes of waste into energy and district heat. After an extensive modernization in the mid-90s, the MHKW continues to be among the most modern in Germany. Its emission levels are well below the ​​legally prescribed threshold values.

The Iserlohn MHKW constitutes an important infrastructure component for the Southwest Westphalian region, which will provide local residents and the economy with sustainably safe disposal for many years to come. This has also established itself in the public and media opinion, resulting in a high level of acceptance. By the Way, taking a look behind the scenes of the technically well-equipped facility is not a problem: Groups can make appointments for a factory tour.