A quantum leap in industrial service

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The video also shows it: Just a tap on the remote control button. The advance unit with the two flexible lances moves computer-controlled a few millimetres in front of the next pipes of the heat exchanger. This is done quickly, with tremendous precision and optimum safety for the operator. With a whirring sound, the flex lances equipped with nozzles move into the pipes. They are now cleaned with a high water pressure of around 2,500 bar. This programmed process is repeated about 1,500 times over the next few hours. Then the 3,000 pipes of the industrial heat exchanger are cleaned without interruption. The developers are satisfied. "It is a quantum leap for industrial service." Manual work: None whatsoever.

It took about a year for the "Robotized Lance Frame" (RLF) to be ready for practical use. Lobbe Industrieservice thus offers for the first time on the European market a technical solution for the fully automated cleaning of heat exchangers (standing, lying; with and without rim). The process is faster and safer than conventional methods and also ensures even higher quality cleaning results.

The advantages of the new automated procedure at a glance:

Until now, heat exchangers have been cleaned either manually or by means of semi-automatic machines, and before each cleaning step, the positioning of the advance unit must be carried out via visual contact. These processes are now precisely controlled in their entirety by computer according to previously defined parameters, without a free field of view of the heat exchanger and the cleaning unit being absolutely necessary. This opens up completely new possibilities for working without interruption in areas with extreme environmental conditions (confinement, aerosols, cold, heat, rain, etc.). In addition, optimum safety at work is ensured, as the operator is always outside the danger zone and no longer performs any physical work in the conventional sense. Nevertheless, the operator remains the master of the process, as he always triggers the next cleaning step via a remote control (radio-controlled or wired).

With the development of the RLF, Lobbe is continuing what was started with the Remote Lance Worker (RLW), namely the automation of work processes that involve considerable risk potential.


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