The company

Always better
than yesterday.

This claim has been the driving force behind our family since its foundation. As pioneers in the industry - and now already in its fourth fourth generation - Lobbe is one of the leading companies in the companies in the waste disposal industry.

Around 2.750

Employees ...

... to 63


in Germany ...

... are responsible for the
environmental services for

via 15.000

Industrial and commercial customers ...

... and for municipal environmental and waste disposal services from

~1.5 million Citizens

in the Hochsauerland, East Westphalia, North Hesse and South Westphalia.

Use recyclable materials

Control pollutants

Wherever trash and dirt are generated, where things are no longer needed, we consistently create order and cleanliness. We return waste to the cycle by using recyclable materials and controlling pollutants. With services for industry, waste disposal, recyclables processing, remediation, sewer services and emergency management.

Industrial service

Safety for people, environment and object.


Waste today. Tomorrow recyclable material.

We turn today's waste into tomorrow's value.

The Edelhoff family of entrepreneurs



With inventiveness

As an environmental service provider, it is our responsibility to control pollutants sustainably and to return recyclable materials to the cycle in a resource-conserving manner. The more precisely we do these two things, the more valuable we act. Our success is based on a simple principle:

"We tackle where we can do something better."

In this way, we regularly set new standards in environmental technology with innovative and specialised solutions.

Moving forward with courage
For the next generation

In an ever-changing world, we don't just want to keep up, we want to lead the way, to contribute to making the world cleaner and safer for the next generation - to shape not just our industry, but an entire society with our ideas.

This is what we have been working on as a company and a family for four generations.
collaborative, committed, human - internally and externally.


We are embracing digital transformation - in our processes, our business models and in our thinking.

4th generation of the company
from left: Senta Kirchhoff, Gustav Henrik Edelhoff, Kim Höhne, Max Edelhoff


Digital transformation starts in the mind. We must learn together to think about our activities differently and anew, to see and seize opportunities in order to be well positioned for the future.

On the one hand, we optimise processes and procedures in today's organisation and work in new structures on digital business areas of tomorrow.

When curiosity and courage become a principle of success. What drives us and still keeps us grounded.

From the invention of the wheelie bin to automated HD cleaning. How we became the company we are today.


"Become part of our team!"

We are a medium-sized family business with safe and social working conditions. Flat hierarchies, short paths and a management that has "a face" ensure open and personal cooperation. Become a part of it!