Lobbe as an employer

Lobbe is a middle class family company with safe and social working conditions. Flat hierarchies, short lines of communication, and a leadership that has a face, ensure an open and personal interaction. The company offers a variety of activities and professions. Clear goals, individual support and a transparent performance evaluation to help find your own career path.

Interdisciplinary work, personal responsibility and constantly new challenges are on the agenda. Routine looks different. Lobbe provides for the individual development of each individual as a component of corporate development.

LOBBE Schüler und Studenten


All theory is grey. At Lobbe, students can acquire their first professional experience. An internship is often the right approach to get a deeper impression of the company and the tasks. Nearly all the business areas are open to that purpose.

LOBBE Hochschulabsolventen


Many roads lead to Rome. In waste disposal, the range of disciplines and academic professions represented is very high. The demand for an interdisciplinary approach is accordingly high. The initial orientation and learning phase therefore usually includes intensive on the job training. In addition, we offer interested and suitable candidates a trainee program in cooperation with the Academy of the Ruhr-University Bochum. For one year, you will be prepared for your employment at Lobbe in a combination of theoretical modules and operational work.

LOBBE Berufserfahrene

Experienced Professionals

You have already gained a lot of experience, have developed both professionally and personally. Perhaps Lobbe is the next step for you. Lobbe is always open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. We are trying to get a little better every day and are curious to see if you can help.
By the way: We do not believe that dedicated and creative work ends beyond the 50!

Working at Lobbe – Opportunities and the Working World

For us, it’s the whole person that counts. – The daily work is challenging for mind and body. To stay healthy, relaxation and recreation are important. Sports and healthy eating also play a significant role. To that end, we offer “Lobbe Vital”, an internal health program for our employees. With its own gym, changing courses, and consultation on health and nutrition. Everything of course run under professional guidance and care.

With us you know where you stand. In many companies, the exchange between employee and supervisor is kept to a minimum. Not at Lobbe. Our performance management system is based on a dialogue with each other. At least once a year, objectives and mutual expectations are discussed in a structured dialogue. This allows everyone to determine their position, builds trust, and clarifies perspectives.

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With us, you are not fighting alone. Leading people is a complex task. It requires knowledge and experience. This means learning and applying. A demanding path that we walk together with you: growing responsibility step-by-step, in regular dialogue with experienced colleagues, and with an individually tailored coaching.

We employ people, not officials. Lobbe regards training as a comprehensive and life-long task. In addition to the prescribed legal, medical or organizational trainings, which are of course available at Lobbe, there are various individual offers for your own professional and personal development. These include classical training and coaching measures as well as the work in committees and associations outside the company.